Tuesday, December 27, 2011

handpainted threads

Handpainted Cotton Floss

Another trio of handpainted floss.
Just a couple of examples of what I hope to get better images of tomorrow when the light is better. We were out shopping earlier today, as the kids had Christmas money they wanted to spend, so we did not get back to house in time to catch the sun before it had found its way over the house...to the side without the good windows!  But I am quite pleased with the way these threads painted.  I will be putting some in my Etsy shop very soon. 

Right now I am trying to get caught up with printing for Hoffman, and I keep running into snags. Thought I had more paper, then I run out of bags, and the ink I got was faulty. Something that rarely if ever happens to me, but it meant another trip out to the office supply store. 

I have done all I can do today, so I think its time for some chai and stitching to wind back down.

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