Friday, November 25, 2011

stitching and jewelry and found "stuff "

Trees mean a lot to me. I started some time working on designs in both cross stitch and embroidery, and have decided to take a different approach in creating this series. Rather than sketching on paper first as I do with my other designs, I am stitching and working things out with threads as I go. This is what I did this morning after I shook off the After-Thanksgiving Day lethargy!

I had read an article the other day that gave me the push in this direction. I have been struggling with the direction of my artwork and had found myself with face plastered up against one of the biggest creative blocks I have known in some time.  The blog post suggested a way to work through this; to simply pick up a needle and stitch. Free-form embroidery, simply putting down color and stitch as it comes to you. I decided to try this with the image of this tree I had in my head.

Earlier this week I finished a few more bits of jewelry made with found objects, bits of wood and paper ephemera. These are really a lot of fun to do, and I am thinking of ways to work some needlework into future pieces as well.

Bracelets made with re-purposed wood, sheet music and vintage postcards

Charms and pendants made with wooden dominos, old wooden yardsticks and broken jewelry
I am always on the look out for interesting bits of this and that, both to collect for myself and to use in my artwork, especially now that I have studio classes again. A recent run through eBay and Etsy has provided me with some neat stuff, but I had one find in particular that tickled me.  These two nifty little bits!

They are vintage Hawaiian game pieces. 19th century hand-carved hardwood domino tiles that I have been told are also calledalso called "Bones".  They were found  in Iliwei, Honolulu. They are really quite heavy in your hand and have a really neat look to them. What I will do with them, I am not quite sure! They are pretty close in size to regular dominos, and I think they would look really unique on a leather thong or vintage chain.

I have a paper to write and then I think it is time for left over pumpkin pie! 


  1. Wow! Is it just the 2 pieces? If they were made in Hawaii, then they're likely KOA wood. Which is very hard and expensive these days! *DON'T* damage them. Put them in a shadow box or something! Check E-bay. I'm sure that there's someone who would buy them!

    BTW, I wouldn't say no to finding them in MY Xmas stocking... ;-D

  2. Oh, I BOUGHT them off Ebay! I wanted them for myself. :D


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