Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ephemera & Upcycled Jewelry

I have always been fascinated by found objects and finding new purpose for old and seemingly worn out things. Even though I plan on shifting my focus primarily to my needlework designing in 2012, I know that I will still dabble with some of the repurposed jewelry to sate my need to tinker with stuff.

These are some of the pieces I have done in recent days.  This charms and pendants in this group are made with paper pieces that I manipulated digitally and then printed, adhering each to repurposed wood. I added a bail and a ball chain. They are quirky and fun and very different!

I came across some old wooden yard stick pieces and had a bunch of vintage postcards complete with pencil writing on the back and stamps. This is what I've done with some of those components.  I intend to show some of these at the craft market in St. Clair in a few weeks.  

Always on the look out for things for mixed media creations, and I will really be watching now with the classes I am enrolled in for next semester. I need to replenish my beautiful junk stash. Lots of painting and sculpting ahead of me!

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