Saturday, November 26, 2011

blustery day, chai tea, and the long wait for the mailman

I started my day by double-checking my word count for NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month) as I hit the magical 50K late last night and woke this morning wondering if I had only been dreaming. I had some very odd dreams last night, including one that had me getting up around 3am because I thought I had forgotten to take my insulin.  I don't take insulin. It took me a good half hour of staring at the ceiling to wake fully to that realization!

Needless to say, I did hit the 50K plus a handful of words, verified the novel with NaNoWriMo and was given a certificate and a little badge for my accomplishment. I've still a ways to go to finish the novel, but I am halfway there and it was such a rush to push myself to write this story. I think I am going to keep writing through December and try to have a first draft done by the start of the new year.

The skies look about as dark as they did at seven o'clock this morning, and while I enjoy a day inside goofing around with this or that, I had really wanted just a smidge of sunshine so that I could make a trip down to the woods to snap a few photographs. It is now approaching mid-afternoon, and it does not look to be getting any brighter, and the howl of the wind left me wandering instead to the tea kettle. A cup of black chai tea (or maybe I am on the second now) paired with some really cheesy movies on ScyFy has made for a relaxing day none the less, and I've managed to put together a few more things for the two shows I have coming up.

I finished up the little embroidered tree I had started yesterday, and came across one more small hoop which I used for a small floral motif.  A larger hoop framed the "canvas" for an abstract, free-form embroidery. I might mix this one up with some other found objects, but I am really putting it together as I go as part of my exercise to move past this creative block I've been weighted with.  I also found sheets of "prompts" that I think I will use again, tossing all of them in a hat and drawing them one by one as I work.

Now I am off to check the mail. Expecting some supplies to finish up some of the found object jewelry. The weekend is just getting started, I have already gotten a lot done, and if the tea holds out I might get a lot more accomplished before Monday comes crashing in!

“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” 
- Emily Dickinson

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