Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mapleton Day Care Center Fundraiser Craft Show

Yesterday was the first of three shows I am participating in over the next few weeks.  The show was in Mapleton, MN and was a fundraiser for the day care center.  Many vendors, and if the weather had cooperated we would have had more traffic then we did. But all in all it was a good show.

(These images snapped with my cell phone, so I apologize for the quality!)

After the next two shows I will be hanging up the crochet hook to focus on my embroidery and cross stitch needles instead, a change in my creative path for 2012 that I have to admit I am really very excited about.

What I am also very excited about it that my mom is once again creating!  We just got her a space beside me for the St. Clair show coming up in a few weeks.  She is so talented, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.  Years ago, she and I did shows together. She made the cutest gift bags and I made gift cards. (The designs for the cards actually became some of my first cross stitch designs!)  

One of my favorite childhood memories? Watching her draw shorelines when we camped using the charcoal from the campfire. She maintains that she got the bug again while cleaning out some of the old craft stuff in the pantry, but now she is really very excited about playing again.  I think its great. We've been able to see her dining room table now for far too long. It's about time she covers it with all the amazing things she dabbles in. 

Now I am off to stitch and drink coffee and peek out the window from time to time because that blanket of white covering the grass just tickles me, not to mention it provides perfect inspiration for a few new smiling snowman faces!

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  1. Super STUFF Carolyn!!

    Hope "sales" were good... It's totally opposite over here with Weather vs. Attendance! Which, it just weird as far as I'm concerned.

    Anyway, still "recovering" from yesterday's big Show.


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