Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have always been fascinated by tapestries. The hours that it must have taken to complete these staggers me, and the skill, the workmanship, leave me in awe. These designs were created without benefit of all the gadgets we have now to make such work easier. I would one day like to work my own tapestry, planning the design from pencil sketches without use of the computer or my charting programs. Even something small, just to remember how it really feels to let the threads do what they will, to see the image emerge in unexpected ways.



Now off to school with me!  And then, an after school class with a delightful bunch of kids to draw!

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  1. I love those OLD Tapestries!

    You know, it's kinda weird, but when I was around 9ish, I used to draw Medieval People "caricatures" that look very similar to These - *before* I had ever seen any of This Style of Artistry! -- hmm? A Genetic "Memory" perhaps..? ;-D


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