Monday, November 14, 2011

crochet, cross stitch, crazy. not necessarily in that order!

Running to get ready!

November 19th
Mapleton Day Care Center Christmas Craft Show

December 4th
Old  Main Village Christmas Show

December 10th
St. Clair Christmas Show

I *think* I am ready.  Just using up some odds and ends yarn for the scrap happy hats and scarves and I have used the last of my hand twisted fabric yarn for scarves.  Some of the models of my cross stitch designs have been taken out of the boxes they were tucked into as far back as 2006 and have been finished either as hoops or pillows.  

In a way, this is like a purging for me as I get ready for 2012. I keep changing my mind about what I should be concentrating on and what I should set aside for awhile. Every time I think I have it figured out? (read a couple posts below!) I change my mind yet again. I set up a new Etsy shop that I changed three times before I just closed it, even before I put anything in it. I am in a rut and just feel as if I do not have something unique enough, different enough, from all the other amazing things on Etsy to warrant a new shop. So, Fuzzy Stitches will remain open, and for the time being empty as I work through this little glitch in my creative spirit. 

I have so many ideas tumbling around in my head for cross stitch designs, including some things that involve embroidery and very different embellishment, so that will be my focus in 2012.  My itch to explore other mediums can be addressed in the studio classes I have Spring semester. 

That's the plan. At least until Friday!

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