Friday, October 28, 2011

Of Mice & Snowmen

Of Mice & Snowmen, Snowballz CM Designs copyright 2011

Am just getting ready to sit down and start stitching the next in the Snowballz 2011 series, Of Mice and Snowmen. A few more flower embellishments finished late last night as well. 

I am finding that I really like working with cotton yarn. Perhaps it is because the feel of it is familiar, having worked with cotton embroidery floss for so long.  It just feels so ...right.  Wool does too, as I really dig the natural fibers, always have. But there is just something about cotton. The yellow flowers are made with cotton. The pink with felting wool. Both are equally soft. I think I am going to dig around for a cotton supplier.

I am also crocheting a few children and baby hats with the sugar and cream cotton yarn. 

Then maybe one for myself. ;D

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