Wednesday, October 26, 2011

crochet flowers

While I have put away most of the other bits of this and that to concentrate on my cross stitch designing, I do still have some time to crochet in between classes or while I am waiting for the kids to get ready in the morning to take off for school. Crochet flowers are the perfect pick-up and create thing for me, and easy to transport. Here are my latest. I need to sew in these pretty little beads that I found at a flea market and then they'll be finished.

I used this yummy bulky wool meant for felting.

After they were crocheted, I felted the whole works in hot water and soap.

They are really fuzzy and colorful and fun!

I also made a few larger flowers with cotton yarn. These three white blooms are going to be worked into a scarf, I *think* with some others I made that are a variegated daffodil yellow and white. OR, I might do a free form crochet purse. I'm not sure yet.  These I have just sat and worked on in those spare moments when there is not enough time to get out the cross stitch. 


  1. the pink felted ones look specially nice. Good idea to have this kind of work on hand for when waiting in the doctors office etc.

  2. i love crocheting flowers - great for embellishing and other artful fun!

  3. While Dad was undergoing "treatment" for 2 months this past summer, I acquired "CROCHET-LADY" status in the Waiting Room! Got a LOT of projects done!

    Crocheting is also handy for those "Airport" waits, too!


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