Saturday, October 22, 2011

felting flowers and a few more tiles

I came away from a recent trip to the thrift shop with a bag of yarn of various types, textures and colors. A partial skein of light turquoise wool was crocheted into flowers and then hand felted with hot water and soap. After rummaging around in my button stash for pretties to center them, this is what I ended up with!

I also finished up two more sets of the ephemera tile charms...

I purchased a new drill, and gave it a try on the grungy tiles!

I have a midterm take home test that I really need to get to this weekend, but I am struggling with putting down the stitching. I want to finish Buck & Gene!  I am so close to having it done. A compromise, perhaps. A morning of coffee and stitching, and then I will hit the books. 

There is always tomorrow too... :D


  1. I think of that colour as being more of an Aquamarine..? - Whatever, LOVE IT!! Reminds me of Hawaiian Waters... ;-D

  2. The color on the photo is off a bit...they are a little more turquoise-y in person! :D


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