Sunday, October 23, 2011


I have boxes of my finished cross stitch designs and I have decided to start finishing some of them to give as gifts and to offer on Etsy.  One day I might decide to do shows again, but by then, these designs will more than likely be discontinued! Although, I did just send a reorder off to Hoffman for a Flakey Friends design that came out in 2007!

I had hoped to finish up Buck & Gene this weekend, but ran out of DMC 4045 Color Variations, and of course the only place I can get more of it in town is closed on Sundays! grr. So, tomorrow will have to do! 

So, with that project stuck, I picked up other things.  I have two holiday artisan shows coming up, so I have been working on hats and scarves, and I finished up the chart for the next cross stitch desgin as well. 

Of Mice & Snowmen..CM Designs 2011

Busy week coming up! Hope to have a lot to talk about by the end of it!

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