Friday, September 9, 2011

my thoughts scattered

I am trying very hard to find my creative spark right now.  A very dear friend of mine is very ill and for all extent and purposes, a world away.  A very big part of my life for a very long time, and having spoken to her almost every day over the last several years, I feel very empty without her voice, her words, her spirit.

 Her son is amazing, and has kept me in the loop as much as he is able. I wish there was more that I could do.

Sam and I spoke of visiting each other next summer.  We even joked about buying an RV and just becoming an older version of Thelma and Louise. We would need to win the lottery first of course. I have a box ready to mail to her filled with the crafty things she liked to do that I had kept forgetting to take to the post with me. We had just swapped soup recipes.

And we have written the most amazing stories together. Cried, laughed. Laughed some more. It has always been effortless, that collaboration.  And our friendship, it has always been effortless as well.

I keep watching my messenger service for a 'hello sunshine'...those two words, I have read from her daily. I believe I will see them again one day.

Sam and I share a love of tea and coffee. I had promised her a container of my homemade tea blend, and also some of the Italian herbs I grow. I just brought in the last harvest, and bundled them to dry. These will make their way to you, Sam...

Lavender, mint, lemon balm and bee balm...basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano...sage...and last, a bit of the tarragon and sage blend. 

Rest, love. Recover.  
I will be here when you remember.  
Two peas, always.  
~hugs & kisses~


  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you!! Keep me in yours as well and my nephew Mark. He was burned unloading a truck in OKC a week ago, and has gone downhill all week. It's hard to be creative when loved ones suffer. Hope your friend recovers so you can sip tea and be creative together. Bea


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