Sunday, September 4, 2011

sunny little flowers on a crisp autumn morn

I had come across a huge bag of tangled up wool and wool blend tapestry wools in a recent thrift shop spree, and after sorting, untangling and washing, I had enough to make this group of colorful little flowers.

I dug out my little handbook of crochet motifs and appliques and intend to make a few different flowers next with what is left of the bag of yarn. There wasn't enough of this lot that was 100% wool or I would have felted these.

Having finished Snowy Snapshots yesterday,  I was faced with the fact that I did not have anything else charted and ready to go for the next piece!  I had plenty of sketches scanned and ready to work with, but nothing charted. I decided to return to (for at least a piece, maybe two) our old friendly trio, The Flakey Friends.  

Flakey Friends: The Gift of Friendship

I have always loved these guys, and had a stack of drawings that I always wanted to get back to. So, here we are!  The Gift of Friendship (tenatively named...any that know me, know that the names of these things often change a few times before I settle on something!) is charted, and I am ready to start stitching! Here's a peek...

For now I am working with DMC flosses with this one, as well as Kreinik braids to add some sparkle and texture.  I'm still debating beadwork. More to come!

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