Sunday, September 11, 2011

odds and ends

This weekend was spent finishing some projects, starting a couple of new ones, all in an attempt to keep myself busy and focused on something other than things I have no control over.  After finishing the blooms for a bouquet of crocheted flowers I am sending my friend,  (a picture will be coming once I get the stems on them) I worked for awhile on two pieces of hoop art.

I still need to finish the backs on both of them.  The first is an exploration in needle weaving and uses recycled needlepoint yarns and scraps of fabric for the background.  The floral is simply a crocheted circle centered with a vintage button. Leaves and stem done in satin stitch on a bit of hand-dyed jobelan that I had left from a cross stitch project.

I also wanted to see what I could crochet with a skein of my hand twisted fabric yarn.  I chose this skein...

And this is what I whipped up last night...

Very loose, mostly triple crochet stitches and lots of knots and texture. When my daughter gets home, she is going to wear it so I can get a picture of it.  I really enjoy crocheting. Almost as much as stitching (something that I need to get back to as soon as I finish this post!) I have another skein that I was quite drawn to when I had finished twisting it.  It is cotton muslin that I hand painted in grassy watercolored greens. There is a lot of natural taupe twisted in too, and a thin strand of metallic gold.

I had recently purchased some wool roving to make felted beads with, and so I made a few this morning...

I plan on embellishing them, most likely with little gold seed beads, and they (hopefully) will be worked into the next scarf I am going to make with the green fabric yarn. 

I participated in a craft show yesterday, and it was fairly successful, but I came away from it with something I had not expected beyond the sales. I talked at length with several other artisans there, and I realized that I really do like making the things to be used by others in what they do. But...

I really miss creating pieces myself. 

I guess maybe I am evolving in my work. I am not sure. I guess we will just see where I step from here.

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  1. Im really loving your textile samples. They look fab! :)


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