Thursday, August 25, 2011

stitching and painting

It was a day of making sure that this was never empty...

My professor was gone today, so I was left with an unexpected day without classes. With homework looming (and a weekend to push it off on to) I decided to try and dig into some of the projects that I have been puttering with now for weeks.  

I played around with the paints again, working on some fabrics for an upcoming show and Etsy.

I have been trying to work on fabrics that will coordinate so that I can bundle them up instead of offering them individually.  After a show two weeks ago and people suggesting that I make this change, I thought I would give it a try. It does make more sense, seeing as the fabrics are one of a kind, it opens up options for what they can be used for if there are more pieces to work with. 

I am painting these on muslin remnants from the St. Peter Woolen Mill. I like the idea of using scraps. It holds true to my desire to reuse and recycle. 

The fabric below was one that I did before. The two images above are fabrics that once dry, should work with this piece. 

I also finished up the second of three snowman portraits, a new cross stitch design series quite logically called..."Portraits".  These snowman photo ops will come with three in a pack, and most likely have embellishments included. The usual found buttons, beads and ribbons. 

And now, with the coffee cup empty and evening upon me, I think it is time to open something else dark and wonderful. It's Guinness time.

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