Saturday, August 27, 2011

fabrics and fibers

Today's fabric painting adventures

All painted on cotton muslin scraps from The St. Peter Woolen Mill. 

And a few experimental crochet bracelet/cuffs I have been playing with the last couple of days using recycled wools and found buttons...

I have "revamped" my Artfire studio. (See link on side) It had previously been all scrapbooky grapic stuff like my Leaf & Dirt Papers shop on Etsy (which I am going to eventually phase out as well, or maybe just leave it there as it is without adding anything else!) Now, the Artfire Studio will contain finished pieces, mostly accessories such as jewelry and scarves, made from the same recycled and found things that I use in my Fuzzy Stitches shop on Etsy.  (Did you get all that?) 

So...what ultimately will be left standing once the smoke clears...

Fuzzy Stitches on Etsy
Leaf & Dirt on Artfire
and of course CM Designs where you will always find all my cross stitch and needlepoint designs and news!

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