Thursday, August 11, 2011

the last few days....

I am still experimenting with hand painting fabric art yarn and am really starting to feel like I am developing a style with it.  There are so many beautiful and unique fibers and yarns being made now by so many talented artisans. I wanted to develop something that is unique to me and my hand. Today I painted two lots. Both done on recycled white bed sheets that I first tea dyed, and then went to work with Jaquard fabric paints.
This was inspired by all the licorice at the Apple Barn this last weekend!

The inspiration for this came from freshly cut grass and dandelions! (WHICH I do not believe are weeds!!)
I keep a journal beside my bed.  In it, I try to write every night the things that I am grateful for. It's something I started to do years ago after an Oprah show!  That journal also serves as a place to scribble down my dreams.  I often struggle with sleep, waking up thinking about what I should do, what I should try. It helps to write it down and let it go until the daylight hours when I really can do something about it! (Although I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to paint!)

Recently I was lucky to come across a lot of vintage handkerchiefs and I had been looking at them trying to decide what to do with them. Well, last week I had a dream, woke up and wrote it down, and this morning I finally got around to trying it out!

I have played with weaving fabrics before, but this time I took two of the handkerchiefs and wove them together. Next step, I need to stitch it all down and embellish it with this, that or the other thing! 

Now I'm off to do just that!

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  1. i love the dyed strips, and i agree they're not weed! or as i think of them, yes weeds, but weeds is not a dirty word. ;)


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