Friday, August 5, 2011

Hand painting rag yarn

I have been trying to settle back into some sort of routine with my work. Too much bouncing around and not really feeling like I am accomplishing much of anything! I did start an experiment however that I am excited about (so far!)  Hand painting muslin rag yarn. It has been kind of hit and miss, as I am not sure exactly what I am doing...and am really trying to develop my own unique style of doing it.

I ripped cotton muslin into strips.  The fabric was remnants I have been collecting as I wanted to continue with my quest to reuse and recycle! I wet down the strips, and with thinned fabric paints and a really wide brush, I just started to wash the color over the strips, bunching them up, letting the paint bleed through and spot the strips under the others. 

The strips are drying now, and are a soft plummy rose color, with a shimmer in some spots where the opalescent paint was applied.

Once they are completely dry, I am going to go back in and add some less subtle "punch" to the color. I think. I don't know for certain, as I am really sort of liking the shabby chic, worn out feel I'm getting now.

I also finished the first of the Portraits cross stitch series and hope to get a little more done on the second before packing up to go camping for the weekend!  My camera is stowed away with my things. Hope to find some inspiration out there in the woods.

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