Thursday, July 28, 2011

Portraits...a new cross stitch series

While I am still working on the Color Bittz Series, I have decided to begin another line based on snowmen again, calling the series (as of right now) Portraits.  They will come in three packs again, and I plan on including repurposed embellishments as I did with many of the Snowballz line and the Snowflakes.

I had started creating a third installment in the Snowflakes series, (another will come soon, but....) and when I started cropping the scans, I began to see this new concept develop, of snowmen posing for their pictures. I have lots of images in my head for a long series of these!  They are smaller too, so they stitch fairly fast. 

I am almost done with the first, and hope to get a lot of stitching done this weekend! 

I am also busy preparing for a few craft shows and flea markets where I will be selling the recycled fabric yarns and my hand painted fabrics. It should be fun! I haven't done the craft show "circuit" since my mom was involved in crafts and we sold her gift bags and my greeting cards together.  Most of those greeting card designs actually became my first cross stitch patterns that appeared in many needlework publications way back when. Years ago now! Wow, I have been at this awhile! 

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