Monday, June 6, 2011

Creative 365: Days 78 & 79: More fabric and Recycled Fabric Yarn

Over the weekend I spent some time painting, inspired by the petals of a bouquet of flowers that seen their last day, leaving petals behind on my counter top.  I also had images of painter's drop cloths in my head for some reason. So that was what inspired me to paint the second fabric. It was a humid weekend, so they took a bit of time to dry and so I didn't get pictures taken until this morning.

While at the thrift shop some time ago, I ran across old  cotton fabric that had been torn into strips and wound into balls. It reminded me of the fabric my grandma use to braid rugs with and I use to crochet with. I have so much fabric, (really? Can anyone have too much fabric??) so I decided to create a few recycled balls of this fabric yarn myself.  They are knotted and all texture-y and just completely organic in their feel. 



Today my kiwi birds are going to get some eyeballs and other fun embellishments, readying them for their photoshoot this afternoon. Pictures to follow!

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