Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creative 365: Day 80 & 81 Fabric Yarn and Fabric Painting with a little cross stitch mixed in

I've been rotating projects. Painting until I need to leave it to dry, ripping fabric into strips until my shoulder screams at me to take a break, and then stitching in between.  I did manage to get a couple things done in the last two days though! Here is the latest fabric yarn creation.
Autumn Harvest
I really need to sit down with the fabric and crochet with it. This particular yardage really left me wanting to.

Oh, and I also finished a couple kiwis too, Sprinkles being my favorite!

And finally, the newest fat quarter...

Hawaiian Lei

I've got a lot of new ideas for upcoming fabrics. I just am stuck now waiting for my new paints to arrive!

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