Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative 365: Day 75 Painting and Thrift Shoppin'

Before going to the hospital to visit my little sister who is having gall bladder and pancreas problems (and I might add was quite loopy when I did get there, lovin' the pain killers!) I spent some time painting. I was working on a fat quarter of cotton in olive, chocolate and real red.

I am inspired by many artists, but have been looking a lot recently at the work of Antoni Tapies and it is his work that got me started on this piece.

I made stops at two of our thrift shops today too, and found books and handkerchiefs and more yarn for more things that I will one day get around to doing!  The books I found had some interesting things I would like to explore further. Egyptian art in needlework, Needleweaving, Stuffed animals, yarn animals.

But for now, time to stitch!

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