Sunday, April 24, 2011

Creative 365: Day 52 First painted fabric and cross stitch design the night before

I have started hand painting fabric using scraps of cotton muslin I have acquired. This piece was started last night and I played with it a little more this morning. While out assessing my container garden yesterday, trying to decide just how much I had to do before I would be ready to plant (and there is A LOT to do!) I noticed on the deck circles where the pots had been sitting on the wood. Sort of like condensation rings on a table. Around those rings, dirt smudges and splatters where the spring rains had splashed the soil out of the containers. Lots of texture and organic 'stuff'.  That's what I am trying to capture here.

After finishing Bug Bungalow, I realized that I did not have anything else charted to start on! While my designs usually have a fair amount of backstitching, I started playing with this design without it. It is a challenge for me as a designer, as I have always used backstitching to define my illustrations, their expressions and tiny details. I wanted to try and build that same definition with shapes this time. The colors will be bright and bold, and hope to give the illusion of construction paper pieces cut out and glued down.Still have some work to do, and as I am waiting for fabric from Wichelt Imports to stitch my model on, I have some time for the fine tuning!

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