Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creative 365: Day 36 Free form crochet

This is actually my creative burst for yesterday, as I did not have enough light to take a picture of my work when I finished it last night!  I had three small balls of recycled cotton yarn that by themselves were not enough to make anything. With a large hook I just started crocheting.  The scarf is done in double crochet, and I had enough of the purple left to make a few flowers to work in.

The flowers haven't been attached yet as I am not sure where I want them, and I have a handful of beads I want to weave in as well. They are glass, so I am not sure if they'll work with their weight and the loose weave of the scarf.  I also have some old rustic wooden beads that might work better.  More to come as I finish this project!

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