Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative 365: Day 37 Crochet & Thrift Store Finds

Yesterday afternoon and today I worked at finishing another hat using scrap yarn I have collected over the years. Two different sherberty-orange yarns and a really simple pattern using half crochet and double crochet and here you have it!

This week I also made it to the thrift shops, and I found two jackets that had holes and were on the discount rack because of them, but I found the fabric interesting and could just feel something else lurking within the garment looking to get out! Bags, maybe, or beaded pillow covers. I am not sure yet! 

I also found some ribbon this week, some vintage and some just catching the corner of my eye so of course they had to be purchased. A few of these were found at the thrift shop and a few from an eBay store I came across while shopping for other treasures!

It's been a fun and creative weekend. Going to work hard to keep that energy throughout the week!

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