Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creative 365: Day 35 More Flowers

This morning I had a bit of time to  finish a few more blooms.  One group  is crochet, nine flowers total varying in size from 4-5 inches across. I did not center these with buttons or beads as I liked the feel of them without. The yarn is, as is usual with me, recycled and rescued bits, some harvested from old sweaters while the rest was wound up into balls in a basket of fibers I snurched from the thrift store.

I also finished up the felted wool blooms I had cut last night.  I used an old ivory wool sweater, felted it and then cut the layers of petals. Felting the wool one more time (washing machine felting), I layered the wool, four layers for each flower, and centered each of the five with one of the vintage mother of pearl buttons that were harvested from the sweater. Each of these average 4 inches across and are very full blooms.

I have a fair amount of stitching to do later today. I hope to make some progress on 
Bug Bungalow, and maybe even crochet some too.
 It is a gray day outside, perfect for some creative play inside!

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  1. It's been so long since I crocheted flowers. They're so fun to do. Yours look great.


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