Saturday, January 8, 2011

new nursery collection

In between new snowmen and the little biscornu designs I have been charting, I have begun work on a series of little critters that I intend to put together as a nursery collection.

While digging through the piles of scratch paper I have piled here and there, I discovered a few scraps that I had doodled on. There were several images that I had completely forgotten about!

I had even considered doing these as pre-stamped cross stitch designs for bibs and blankets.

There are (so far) seven animals that I am working with, but still need to find a way to make them a little more interesting for stitchers.  A kitty cat and bunny as pictured here, a puppy, a squirrel, mouse, birdie, and butterfly.

Because they are intended for babies, I can't use metallics as it would bee too itchy. So I intend to get some more color into them in some other way.

I never did like pastel baby stuff.

Give the wee ones something to look at!

Back to school on Monday, my last semester!  I also start teaching after school drawing classes with K-6th grade students next week and after getting the lesson plans, I am very excited!

My class schedule this semester will provide me with more time then I had thought it would to really get in and get some stitching done, too, and I am hoping for more good news regarding sales of the Christmas Delights fabric collection through Print Concepts.

Now off to shop and maybe sneak a stop in at the thrift stores. I need yarn and wool to felt!


  1. So nice to hear a teacher excited about, and looking forward to her work.

  2. Thank you! I'll be both teacher and student! Teaching kids after school while I GO to school during the day!


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