Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas delights

My Christmas Delights fabric collection is now available for a peek at Print Concepts Fabrics

The collection consists of seven fabrics and is a colorful and whimsical spin-off of some of my snowballz and snowbugz cross stitch characters. Here is one image to give you a taste. If you are interested in seeing the entire collection, please scoot on over to Print Concepts and take a look.

Christmas Delights-Carolyn Manning,  Green Toss
I am currently working on a new series of biscornu cross stitch designs, and it has given me opportunity to get back into exploring motifs and other images from various cultures. I have my whimsical side and that will, most likely, be my signature style, but departures like this push me as an artist and ultimately it fuels that playful side!  I hope to have the first of the series finished early this week with an image to share.  

Been hooking too! Crochet that is. Came across some wonderful sweaters to rip apart and rework the other day, and I have been making hats, some with better results then others depending on the yarn. Sometimes I get into the recycled ball and find that it was really too worn to hold up as a new garment. It's been tough to find wool sweaters that are worth the time to unravel. It can be real hit and miss, but the hunt is half the fun anyhow! 

I also need to take the time to get back into the Mixed Media challenges, Sunday Sketches and The Meet Up! Things got pretty hectic this last fall. Now with the new year it is time to settle in and create!

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