Sunday, December 26, 2010

snowflakes: drift #2


Finished Snowflakes: Drift #2!  It is the second in a series of four and has the patterns for three snowy friends that measure about 60w x60h each. Buttons and found trinkets will also be included in each chartpack, and will be unique to each!

I also have this huge wonderful hunk of felted alpaca wool that I picked up at the TNNA Market in St. Louis this last September, and I am now itching to do something with it. Mittens maybe? There is enough for a hat too. Would be really unique! More on that when my wheels stop turning. 

Next on the cross stitch Q-snaps?

I have started designing these little biscornu patterns. For those that are not familiar with them, they are small designs that are 8 sided and can be sewn to fashion pin cushions, sachets, ornaments, any number of things. I have always had a fascination with blackwork, and also have a curiousity about motifs in textile design, symbolism, and am exploring how all of those elements might work together in these small patterns.

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