Thursday, December 16, 2010

snow days

I really do like the snow. A good thing too as we've about two feet of new stuff out there, part of it having blown in over last weekend and another half foot over last night.

Another good thing? Coffee. I remembered to stop and stock up yesterday. Just couldn't go through another snow-in without it as I did last weekend. I had even considered tying a rope around me and walking to Kwik Trip things had gotten so dire.

Today however, I have my coffee. I have a stack of freshly cut and oddly felted recycled wool flowers to play around with, some interesting yarn to crochet with and more than enough stitching to do. Not to mention the pile of Photoshop tutorials I promised myself I would get through over semester break from school.

Do I hear the snowplow? I'm sort of hoping no.

A day in with java and my junk sounds rather delightful.


  1. Oh so envious!!!! I hope you had a great day!!!

  2. Hahaha within the first sentence I KNEW you were from Minnesota! All this snow we've gotten was the giveaway.
    I'm in Northeastern suburb of the cities and I've gotten lots too!


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