Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weaving with fabric strips

I have been playing in the studio with strips of old, torn handkerchiefs, dyeing some of them and then weaving the strips.  This is a really fun way to use up bits of this and that from my scrap basket, too.

There is another that I am working on that uses all white strips of fabric that I have gathered from the scrap basket and from handkerchiefs as well as other vintage linens.

With autumn here, I am finding myself outside with my sketchbook more often.  I should have more than enough sketches to work from this winter when I find myself holed up in the studio for hour after yummy hour!

"Every artist knows that she is engaged in an encounter with infinity and that work doen with heart and hand is ultimately worship of life itself."  Not the clearest picture as it was taken when there wasn't quite enough sun coming through the windows of the studio, but this is painted on the big wall of my creative space and has always been inspiring to me.

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