Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a charted look at the first 'snowflakes'

I finished charting the first three 'snowflakes', the new series following the Lil Flakes and Snowbugz.  There will be three in each pack.

I think with this new series I will be including a 'surprise bag' of embellishments. The stitcher can use them as they wish or not at all. Buttons, maybe some beads. Colorful little sequins and other trinkets I have picked up here and there. Things that are looking for a new purpose and a new home.

These designs are small enough for the stitcher to use scraps of fabric they might have in their stash, and I think that their simplicity lends itself to truly making these your own with thread and color substitutions.

 So far, I have four packs of three sketched.

Now, off to stitch!

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