Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year thoughts

Today I am grateful for time spent with my Molly. Dinner out for plain old tacos and then frozen custard followed by movies that ran the whole spectrum of emotions, something I really needed tonight.

I find so much gratitude for the support of stitchers who are still interested in patterns I created as much as ten years ago. It leaves me with a deeper desire to make new things that I hope will appeal to stitchers ten years from now. There are so many things rolling through my head that I can't wait to do some serious scribbling next week.

My heart feeling lighter for time spent with Ted last night before I went to sleep. Ringing in the New Year in a far different way than we had thought to be, but still, He was felt with me, and the smile felt upon my face was a warm comfort and welcomed change from the tears that have been warming my cheeks since His passing. I hope for more nights like that.


I am working through the last three rows of Carnival. There is hope that I  may be able to wrap it up tomorrow. I am just so tickled with how it is coming together. A wild riot of color, and I am still in love with the way it changes every time I look at it. This piece is bigger than both Trail Mix & Grape Seeds. It's been such a joy to stitch.

Time to pick up the supplies to get started on Valentine, the February Whiskerkins design.  I am on the hunt for a little heart button to use for the embellished eye. It will have to be something readily available as the distributors have been ordering quite a few of this series each month, and I don't want to have to wait for buttons to arrive. So, will have to see what I can track down.

Now I'm off to crochet for a wee bit of time before bed. I use "wee" loosely, as most nights lately I have readied to head off to sleep and it's a good two hours or better before I actually do it. Seems my night owl tendencies are returning. 

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