Friday, January 2, 2015

my word for 2015....hope

I have chosen my word for 2015.
It is Hope.
And I intend to fill my life up with the thought of it, both for myself and my family, and for a world that sometimes feels like it could use a little more of it as well.

Next week I am going to clean up the studio. Destash, organize. Box up those things I know I will never use and donate them so others might find some use for them.  I am trying to define my art, and while I have quite a few things that I *might* use somewhere down the line, I do not see any immediate use. I plan on taking some before and after the purge pictures.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
"Nothing brings people closer than business," said composer Arnold Schoenberg. You could be living proof of that hypothesis in 2015, Libra. Your drive to engage in profitable activities will be at a peak, and so will your knack for making good decisions about profitable activities. If you cash in on these potentials, your social life will flourish. Your web of connections will expand and deepen. You will generate high levels of camaraderie by collaborating with allies on productive projects.

(From  Free Will Astrology, Ron Brezsny has been *spot on* for me so many times, and I am loving this horoscope for 2015)


  1. Ooo! You used the "De" Word!! -- naughty Girl!!
    So. Do me a fav, before tossing *anything* stitchy/artsy/craftyancient-related out, take a few pics send them to me. I might find something to "ebay"-esque off of you! ;-D
    - Curator-Auntie of the HOARD MUSEUM

    "..have *space*, will *stuff*!

    1. Will do sugar! Yes...I know...the "De" word...I should shudder, but I really do need to get some stuff out of the room.


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