Friday, January 9, 2015


Well, I finally finished it!  

Carnival is the newest addition to my Cross Stitched Quilt Block Collection.  So much fun!  It measures just under 12" x 12" on 14ct. fabric.  27,000+ stitches.  It can also be broken up into four smaller blocks as well.  

It was one of those models that I just couldn't put down. Surprisingly, it does stitch up quite fast, or at least it felt that way to me. I think because the colors change and morph and the design has changed every time you set it down. It's almost like picking up a brand new piece each time you sit down to stitch. 

The pattern is available for purchase at
and coming soon to your local needlework shops through Hoffman Distributing & Yarn Tree.

Starting work now on the February installment of the Whiskerkins, Valentine.

And of course, I've run across a few new patterns for crochet that I am having a hard time ignoring. 

Have been absent from making my Gratitude posts, but I've been thinking about those things none the less and hope to get back to posting as my schedule has started to sort itself out. 

Today, I am grateful for
Calmer winds
New designs that are just a sketch away from becoming real
Being reminded that black coffee is good stuff. 


I appreciate your comments!