Sunday, September 7, 2014

late night embroidery

I like to take a day or two, sometimes, to step back and just play. It is my way of refreshing and renewing, stirring things up a lil bit. While I am thoroughly enjoying the pieces I am designing for cross stitch right now, I still find myself pulled to do something random. To start at Point A knowing full well I may never find Point B, and if I do, chances are, there won't be any straight line involved. 

These small bits of embroidery, usually of the hoop art or art quilt variety, are usually the result. The gratification is usually something that comes quickly and provides me with the 'fix' I need to go back to the more precise work that comes with the cross stitch design and model stitching. 

I tried something different with this piece, edging it with lace I had hand dyed with Easter Egg tablets.

Now back to my regularly scheduled stitching program.


  1. ah. So that Border is an add-on. I was wondering about "how" it was done! -- Anyhoo, lovely Work as always, and a nice touch with the Lace.

    1. Thank you dear heart! So when can I expect to see blogging from YOU again?? I've been peeking!


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