Monday, May 12, 2014

bits o this and that

Lots and lots of stuff going on here recently!  Thus the reason I've not been over here to share.

I'm continuing my collection of cross stitched quilt blocks, this time around, my interpretation of a crazy quilt. I have always been fascinated by crazy quilts, and this has been a really fun exploration for me. Four blocks will be included with this design, with lots of embroidery and some beadwork once I get all the stitching finished up!

I have also been working on some handmade trims, crocheted with beads from recycled jewelry.

And of course my futzy little flowers made from embroidery floss and perle cottons. I have a series of designs in the works that will use these flowers as embellishment. Look for the first to be released in early June!

There's the update! And I promise to get over here more often to scribble and share!
Trims and flowers are available in my Etsy Shop

and on ebay under crossstcher


  1. so... Do you ever get the feeling that you're just ringing around in Circles..?
    BTW, I am totally LOVING the "QUILTING"!! -- What a great way to use up any itty bits of floss.

  2. Oh yes, Shan...I always feel like I'm spinning around and around and around... :D I am really loving the quilting stuff, too. And for the same reasons you do. I've always got these left over bits of floss that work perfectly in these things!


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