Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Farmer's Daughter

Some 29,500 stitches later, I *finally* finished the model for one of what I consider my favorite designs of all time, Farmer's Daughter, my interpretation of a quilt by the same name.  The piece finishes at  172w x 172h or 12" x 12".  Each block stitches up at 42w x 42h.  I did a lot of editing as I stitched, changing colors, changing block designs.  

I have another cross stitched quilt block design in my head that is similar to this and I plan on beginning charting next week.  

I have also been crocheting my fingers off, making lots and lots of little flowers. They've been doing very well on eBay, so much so that I am having a really hard time keeping up! Not that I'm complaining! They are great fun to make, kind of mindless, and I can whip them up just about anywhere that I am sitting and waiting or when I have a few extra minutes on my hands. 

These are, for the most part, made with perle cotton and six strand embroidery floss, although some of the bigger flowers that I use in the "kits" is cotton yarn.  I pick a "theme" and then choose my colors accordingly. Fun stuff!


  1. Ooo! Totally LOVING the "QUILT"!! And kudos for the Patience of doing ALL of those Rosettes! -- I hate doing those circles myself. Way too finicky! - BTW, I'm really liking that indigo-greenish & white yarn...

  2. Thanks Shan! That indigo-ish yarn is actually a six strand embroidery floss, a variegated thread from a company called IRIS. It's an inexpensive embroidery floss meant more for friendship bracelets and such. Found it at Michaels, I do believe!


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