Tuesday, March 11, 2014

bunches o'stuff

The February Daily Art Challenge really spurred me on to working on some different things as we rolled into March.  I had dyed a few cuts of silk with men's silk ties and worked those in with sheer scarves and a few bits of crochet (something else I've been puttering a lot with, as evident in recent blog posts!) I am really happy with how it turned out. I am still trying to decide how to finish it, so for now it's in the sewing studio waiting for my decision.

I also wrapped up the model for the newest cross stitched quilt block design, another deconstructed block pattern that I've finally settled on naming Trail Mix.  Stitched over two threads on 28ct. Dense Fog hand dyed Jobelan from Wichelt Imports using DMC threads.  Finished size 108w x 108h. 

Next in the Q-Snaps, another quilt block inspired piece called Farmer's Daughter, a design based on the farmer's daughter quilts.  Really excited about this next one. Lots of color and variation.  Also have a few mixed media pieces started, so more on that as things develop!

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