Monday, February 3, 2014

the design with no name

No name yet, but I do know it is the second in the Quilt Block Collection. It's an amethyst and grape colorway. Will have to give it some thought and see what cleverness I can squeeze out of my noggin'. 

It has been great fun to stitch so far. I thought it might be maddening, but have been pleasantly surprised to find that it is much like working a jigsaw puzzle, and while I've been trying to work one block at a time, as you can see, I've been wandering a little. If I've a needle threaded with a color and I spot the shape melding into the next row, I've put down the stitches.

Keeping track of where you are on the pattern is an absolute must as your eyes tend to move all over the place in this purple-y chaos, and it's easy to think you are working one row when you are really up one or down one!

More to come!

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