Tuesday, February 11, 2014

continued work on grape seeds

Continued work on Grape Seeds, the newest design that is part of my Cross Stitched Quilt Blocks Collection.  This has just been so much fun to stitch, and I'm hoping that any that pick up the pattern once it's been released will find the same joy in stitching it that I have! 

I've also joined a few groups on Facebook, and while I've often been of the mentality that being plugged in too much cuts into the time that I could be off  doing something else, I have to say that I've found just the opposite lately.  I have been greatly inspired by the other artists around me, and have found myself motivated to create even more.  It is what I have always hoped I would find in social media sites.  (Instead of pictures of what one had for lunch  or horrible mean things tossed back and forth between people)

I find myself liking more pages, looking at more images, smiling more smiles. 

I am studying color again, looking at lines and composition, movement, thought. 

I'm ubber-excited to log on and settle in with my cup of coffee in the morning and see what others are doing and to see what others think of what I am doing.  I'm drawing again, every day. I'm painting and stitching and thinking of ways that one medium can cross over into another. 

One can plug in positively, too.


  1. I'm really liking this too! - It's a great "study" of Tones and Contrast. And, probably a good way to use up those odd bits!


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