Monday, February 24, 2014

bits of this and that

It's been a busy and wonderfully creative few days!  Despite working outside of the studio, I still found time to play with a few things over the weekend. I am *so* looking forward to my hours at the group home settling into something more manageable. There are so many things I want to dig into with my art.  The month of February was so inspiring for me, as I participated in a daily art challenge that really had me exploring some different things and creating without constraint or boundaries or expectations.  Here are few of things that I found myself exploring this weekend...

Dyeing silk with Men's Silk Ties


And the start to a new deconstrtucted cross stitch quilt block design...

Today I'm trotting off to buy a new camera.  It's about time to start snapping some pictures again. I have found my eye caught by so many things lately that have me thinking 'wish I had a camera'. My cell phone camera just doesn't do so many things justice!

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