Friday, January 3, 2014

my granny's afghan

The one thing that I like about working the overnights at the group home is the amount of stitching I can get done most nights.  I'm still working on the model for My Granny's Afghan, and I hope to have it completed by the end of the weekend or early next week.

While I have been finding a lot of joy in stitching the models of my latest designs, this one has really been fun for me. I *love* granny squares for one, crocheting is so relaxing for me and I have always found it satisfying to create something from scraps, which is usually what I use when I make granny squares.  The colors I picked for this cross stitched version are very random, quite literally scraps of my cotton embroidery threads, partial skeins of this and that. Also, this design would lend itself to just about any color combination if a stitcher wanted to change it up. 

I've also charting new designs, including a couple Easter-themed pieces. It's a departure for me, as I don't think i have ever done anything specifically for Easter! 

Needless to say, 2014 has started off with more than a bang!

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  1. Looks GREAT! :-D
    btw, good to see that I'm not the ONLY one *UP* right now... 7:30am and I *still* haven't gotten TO BED yet! - that Hour "snooze" doesn't count..


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