Saturday, December 28, 2013

my granny's afghan

My Granny's Afghan 

I have been working this week on the model for my newest design, My Granny's Afghan. I've been a little hung up on granny squares lately, using up scraps of yarn to make blankets for Christmas gifts, and thus came the inspiration for this design.  I am having a lot of fun with it.  The colors picked are even based on what I had for "scrap" embroidery floss, kind of a 'blanket of many colors' thing. 

My brother and his family were home for the holiday which was wonderful, and I found myself with some 'crochet time' while we sat around drinking coffee and sharing memories.  So I started working on an embellishment order for a customer on Etsy, and then crocheted these--

Flowers for Sharon
I have a friend that is battling cancer, and I sent her a crochet "hug" a few months back, a lap throw for her to wrap up in whenever she needed a little warm and fuzzy comfort.  I made these flowers now, and they'll go on stems tomorrow. Will package them up and they'll be on their way to her on Monday. 

Now I think I will go and warm up my tea that I have somehow neglected and see about finishing a few more odds and ends before work this afternoon.

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