Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The dragonfly has been my spirit animal guide for a very long time. But I've got another now that has chosen me as well. The Raven.

The raven spirit teaches us to be good listeners. Listen to the people around you and the people you care about; learn from your surrounding by listening.Raven spirit is a great spirit guide for teachers or people who spend their lives instructing others. This is due to the ravens talent of mimicking sounds it hears, thereby "instructing" others in what it knows.The raven spirit has a strong association with magic and magicians. Anyone who encounters the raven spirit are probably in need of some magic in their life. People with the raven totem are usually people with a natural ability to use magic and understand it.The raven spirit guide is rarely chosen, but rather it chooses whom it wills to guide. If the raven spirit comes to you, do not ignore it. 

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