Thursday, September 13, 2012

finishing water at night & a little more Tangled

This  was speaking to me of bigger things.  

And so, I rummaged through all things indigo and worn out, frayed scraps and bits of blue.

I listened carefully to what it was trying to tell me. Moved fabric around, pinned and unpinned and then took a step back and here we are.  A bag it will be. The stitching starts tonight.

And a few handfuls of x's put down today on Tangled,  our  snow pal with the grape-hued hat is the middle of the pile.  I hope to make a good deal of progress with this over  the weekend. 

Now I'm off to do a few things outside. A trip to the post today too...*finally* have all the printing caught up. Boxes ready to wing their way to Hoffman Distributing. Feels good to have accomplished all of that today!

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