Tuesday, August 21, 2012

north dakota stitching

After working on some free form embroidery on our camping trip, I brought along some fabric and floss for the trip to North Dakota this last weekend and spent some of my time in the passenger seat stitching this.  I'm working the piece in three strands of cotton floss on 28ct. jobelan.  I am creating as I go, so I really have no idea how this is going to turn out or just how far I am going to push it. I suppose that it will tell me when it is done.

I also spent some time today editing the Changing Seasons cross stitch design and hope to get started stitching this weekend.  I am also working on the last of the stitched blocks for the quilt design I am submitting to Irish Quilting Magazine. I am shooting for a September 30th finish for that piece.

It is very strange not having my boy here. Tossing myself into a serious creative stream is helping me adjust, but tonight I am very aware that he is not here. Yeah, yeah. I know its only been a handful of days, time makes it easier, I get that. Just not tonight.

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