Monday, August 20, 2012

new space to create

With my son moving off to college, I found myself with an extra room. I promised him I would leave his bed alone so he had something familiar and comfortable to come to, but the rest of the space? It's now become my little haven to create, and I have reclaimed my dining room table and my bedroom!

Here are a few before shots as I moved in...

And after some sorting and organizing today...

Yay! A permanent place for my sewing machine!

Sheep guarding the Apple Notebook

Ronon Kiwi

Dex & Shep 

Who's Got The Button

Finally, I can see what books I have

Felted Alpaca from Dreamhouse Ventures

I can't wait to start creating!!


  1. How wonderful! It looks great!

  2. BABE! Your "BEFORE"-shot *still* has MORE FLOOR & WALL SPACE than I've got!!

    BTW, like the Sheep and THE "SHEP"! ;-D


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