Sunday, August 12, 2012

camping weekend

This weekend was our annual camping trip with my sister and her family. As usual, a delightful time!  Time around the campfire with peach sangria...

...and the morning after harvesting charcoal for drawing!

There was time for stitching, which in this case was some random goofing around.

And lots of amazing time wandering through the woods on the banks of the Minnesota River.

The rain came last night, and the temperatures never got above 70 and it was just perfect. 

We also found our way to a few thrift shops and the radar was on for garage sales on the way to the campground, and I found new-old drapes for my living room. Burlap with an interesting print of trees on them. Will photograph tomorrow!  A bunch of fabrics, including this amazing hunk of oatmeal linen and an evergreen-hued wool, both measuring several yards. 

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