Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thrift storin' finds

I finished up my errands a little earlier than I thought I would today, and so I was afforded some time to make a stop at the thrift shops.  Rather disappointed at the first two, not finding anything that really said 'gotta have it, you know, for *that* project' But the last shop I wandered through made up for the first two.

A ziplock baggie full of these little gems. They appear to have been made by hand. Wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors. They are so dainty and fragile. 

 A really long powdery lavender scarf was snatched up for a whole dollar. I think it might even be silk.  This one is just begging to be emboidered.  It is in need of a good handwashing though. The edges are a little dirty, like it hung in a dusty room for too long. 

And finally...maybe even my favorite find for the day, this book with thick blank handmade pages of paper. It's not very big, but it is just all texture and color and with pages sturdy enough for me to create the embroidery stitch book that I wanted to putz with. Perfect purse/duffle bag size. 

The book itself almost looks like someone's attempt at repurposing. There are no markings anywhere in it to indicate that it was commercially made. 

A stop at JoAnn's Fabric as well, their snowflake sequins were all on sale and so I stocked up on those (as I sometimes have a hard time finding them! Go figure. Minnesota. Snow. Should have flakes all year round!!) 

Now off to stitch!

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  1. Those are "Tatting".
    You might be able to incorporate them into your embroidery.


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